The origins of MBST® magnetic resonance therapy

MBST® technology evolved from magnetic resonance imaging technology (commonly known as MRI scanning). Magnetic resonance imaging is the globally recognised, gold-standard soft tissue diagnostic imaging technology.It uses magnetic fields to transfer energy through the body to locate damaged tissue and generate a picture to help medical professionals diagnose health issues.

How does MRI scanning work?

An MRI scanning device pulses energy through the body in the form of a radio wave. The energy travels through hydrogen protons which sit within our cells before returning to the machine to be collected for data.During this process, any diseased or non-functional cells absorb the transferred energy. This is how the scanning process detects and views damaged tissues. Significantly, every cell in our anatomy contains hydrogen protons.

Scientists discover a correlation between MRI and cell repair

Originally, when MRI scanning devices were less powerful than they are today, multiple scans were required to gather sufficient data to make images.  Evidence at the time suggested a correlation between an increase in the number of scans and an improvement in a patient’s conditions.This is how scientists first identified the power of magnetic resonance therapy and the positive effect it can have on cells.

How does MBST® technology work?

 Magnetic resonance therapy acts on the body in the same way as MRI technology, however unlike MRI scanning, the MBST® magnetic resonance therapy process is soundless and requires no shielding as the strength of the magnetic field is considerably less.

How does MBST® therapy stimulate healing?

Since 1998, Germany company MedTec GmbH have used magnetic resonance principles in the development of MBST® technology.  MBST®devices emit a tissue specific frequency to influence cellular activity in a targeted area.  The magnitude of the magnetic field is just enough to charge hydrogen protons causing a small energy transfer, exciting cells to stimulate the body’s natural biological cascade.  This process stimulates cell proliferation to encourage the healing process thereby quietening pain and reducing inflammation.

MBST® therapy It offers a comfortable therapy for many conditions and in several cases has eliminated the need for surgery. An innovative therapy that supports traditional physiotherapy practice, MBST® therapy has been successfully applied to:


·     Osteoarthritis

·     Osteoporosis

·     Spinal conditions

·     Muscle, ligament and tendon damage & pain

·     Sports and accident injuries

·     Bruised bones

·     Cartilage damage

·     Fractures

·     Nerve damage after injury/surgery 

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