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Learn more about how MBST® therapy has helped individuals with a variety of musculoskeletal issues, from hand pain to knee pain and everything in between.

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What our patients say

Some of our recent patient testimonials:

Steve Dickinson - 55 years
"MBST has been well worth the journey"

I’ve had knee pain for 30 years, had 5 arthroscopies and minor knee surgery. Diagnosed with juvenile arthritis at 25, I now have moderate arthritis and had been told I need a total knee replacement, which I don’t want at 55yrs old. MBST has been well worth the journey - I have now had about 20 rounds of golf with hardly any pain and I am looking forward to hitting the slopes again in the winter! Well worth the money and service! Thank you

Ed, hamstring tear
"I will 100% be using MBST® for any future injuries!"

I had a fantastic experience at the At The Core clinic. I had been diagnosed with a grade 2b hamstring tear which after having a scan I was advised was a 5-6 week injury. After using the ‘MBST®’ therapy machine I was back out running on the pitch after 1 week and back fully training and match ready after 3 weeks! The treatment was non invasive and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to speed up their recovery process and get back to fitness as soon as possible.

Shaun Bentey - 47 years
"Before MBST life was very restrictive"

Before MBST life was very restrictive and I was relying on pain killers and unable to take part in activities.
Although the pain levels appear not to have reduced too much, this is now without pain killers. It has also allowed me to start getting out more and enjoying time with family.
I’m only 3 months post treatment, but I'm already getting more of my life back than any operations in the past 5 years.

Susan, osteoarthritis
"I cannot recommend the treatment highly enough"

Miracle remedy for Osteoarthritis in my hands with Magnetic Resonance Therapy!! Two weeks ago I went to AT The Core in Bath which was highly recommended to me by a good friend as they have latest and up to date equipment specialising in Magnetic Resonance Therapy. The friend who had just had the same treatment for his hands and hips was very excited at the results. I was told that my condition was conventionally untreatable however, since having the treatment 3 weeks ago the inflammation and pain is 80% improved and I understand the treatment continues to work over the coming months....... I cannot recommend the treatment highly enough... people should be made aware of this ‘hidden secret’ it will be life changing for people with similar issues including knees, back and shoulder problems.

Georgia, lower back pain

I have recently had a course of nine MBST® treatments on my lower spine and have been amazed to find that it does actually really work. The treatment itself is comfortable and does not hurt at all, if fact you feel nothing and therefore worry that its not doing anything - but it is! The pain in my back is greatly diminished allowing me to do strengthening exercises which I hope will help me permanently enjoy a pain free life for many years to come. It is very important to take advantage of the wonderful professional physio At The Core to learn how to maximise the benefits of the MBST® therapy. You leave the clinic with so much less pain than you walk in with - but then it is up to you to carry that forward by committing to do the exercises prescribed.

Bruce, knee arthritis
"I highly recommend the treatment and the whole team."

I was recommended At the Core and the MBST® treatment by a leading knee surgeon as an alternative to surgery on a deteriorating knee, which has proved resistant to traditional physiotherapy. In a matter of days the MBST® treatment has significantly reduced the swelling and arthritic pain and increased the joint flexibility. The quality of the treatment is matched by the professionalism and commitment of the At The Core team, who have from the moment I contacted them made this a seamless and superb experience. It's been transformational - so I highly recommend the treatment and the whole team.

Ian, knee pain
"I can’t recommend MBST® more highly"

After years of knee problems, multiple arthroscopies and a reduced quality of life my next step was a half knee replacement so MBST® was my last chance to avoid surgery and WOW! Within 2 treatments the swelling had gone, pain almost evaporated and my walking had improved. Now, 6 weeks later I’m back playing golf, walking without a limp and completing more than 10,000 steps a day without horrendous pain but more importantly avoiding surgery. I can’t recommend MBST® treatment more highly. Thanks At The Core

James Johnson – 52 years old
"Having had 10 years plus of constant pain, this is an amazing result"

At The Core: Welcoming, friendly & informative. Treating Osteoarthritis in my hands – I had 9 sessions of MBST over three days. A few months on my hands are still pain free!  Having had 10 years plus of constant pain, this is an amazing result. Highly recommend giving this treatment ago!!

Gerrie, knee pain
"Went in with pain, came out after my MBST® sessions with no pain."

Brilliant! Went in with pain, came out after my MBST® sessions with no pain. Can't wait to carry on with my rehab. Hopefully I've put off a TKR replacement for a few more years.

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