Health and well being is At The Core

Our ambition is driven by the happiness of our clients.  Equipping them with the knowledge and skills to live an active and more positive life, long after their treatment.

We use cutting edge technology with sound scientific reasoning.

At The Core is a physiotherapy and wellbeing clinic specialising in arthritis, rehabilitation and exercise. It has been developed to complement the use of MBST Magnetic Resonance Therapy - a pioneering technology from Germany successfully tackling the effects of osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, soft tissue and sports injuries.

Developed by German company Medtec, MBST technology is a pain-free form of therapy for musculoskeletal conditions, without the need for surgery or drugs, and with no side effects.


It uses MRT (Magnetic Resonance Therapy) technology to stimulate damaged and degenerated cartilage, bone, ligament, tendon, and muscle cells to encourage repair and regeneration.

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At The Core

Unit 3 The Foundry

Beehive Yard

Walcot Street

Bath BA1 5BT

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