How to reduce neck, back and shoulder pain while working from home

People now more than ever are working from home, whether that be due to social distancing or due to working permanently as a remote professional. If you've found yourself having to create a workspace at home, it is extremely important to do what you can to make that space as supportive and comfortable as it can be to reduce the chance of neck and back pain in the future.

  1. How and where you sit while working makes a big difference! Firstly, make sure you're sitting on an adjustable chair so you can get the right height for you with appropriate lumbar support (you can use a lumbar support cushion for this, or a rolled up towel).

  1. Keeping your eyes level with the top of your computer monitor reduces strain on your neck and shoulder muscles. You can achieve this by placing your screen on top of books or placing your laptop on a raised surface.

  1. You’re going to slouch, lean and shift around, and in essence, changing positions is good, but prolonged positions can exacerbate aches and pains. Setting mini 15-20 minute alarms to remind yourself to return to a more “neutral posture” can help to break long static postures.

  1. Keep moving! Even with the best posture aches and pains can occur from being sedentary for too long. Set yourself reminders to get up every couple of hours and move around for a minimum of 15 minutes, a walk, some stretches, some gentle exercises you’ve been prescribed by your physio.

If your pain is ongoing then consider getting in touch and scheduling an appointment. We can offer a range of options to help you overcome neck and shoulder pain.

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