MBST therapy to prevent arthrodesis

In the 1980s Phillip sustained a broken scaphoid bone in his wrist. It didn’t  show up on an x-ray at the time of injury.Fifteen years later, when his left wrist became inflamed again, Phillip consulted a wrist specialist. A subsequent MRI scan clearly showed the floating tip of the scaphoid bone, the source of the pain and swelling, several years later.

After the bone fragment was removed, he was offered a course of steroid injections to help relieve his persistent pain. He was told not to practice yoga or undertake any physical activity which might further aggravate his wrist and told that ultimately, he would need further surgery to fuse his wrist.

Wrist fusion surgery is not right for everyone

Arthrodesis is commonly prescribed following wrist fracture and advanced wrist arthritis. It involves inserting and affixing a plate that fuses the radius of the lower arm to the carpal bones in the wrist.  Wrist fusion is major surgery and results in significant loss of motion.  It does however afford some relief from pain and enables patients to regain grip strength. While a medical intervention best suited to those who don’t engage in extensive physical activity or undertake work which requires lots of wrist flexibility, wrist fusion is not right for everyone.

As a business owner and lover of outdoor pursuits, Philip and his partner Jo were convinced that there must be an alternative to arthrodesis. They could not believe that surgery was the only option.  So, before an extended trip abroad, Phillip had a second course of steroid injections, and they left intent on finding anon-surgical solution when they returned.

Serendipity perhaps, but when they got back, a copy of The Bath Magazine dropped through their door and an article from At The Core caught their attention. With a focus on MBST therapy and the benefit of exercise for life-stage conditions such as osteoarthritis, it left Jo and Phillip wondering if At The Core might be what they were looking for!

It prompted Phillip to book an appointment with a clinician and after a thorough medical assessment with chiropractor James and physiotherapist Eoin, and inspection of the scans provided by Phillip’s wrist surgeon, they agreed on a non-invasive treatment programme combining MBST therapy, physiotherapy and nutrition therapy.

MBST therapy for wrist pain and mobility

A vastly experienced chiropractor, James consults At The Core and supports patients with joint damage, arthritic changes and significant structural and tissue injuries. He is an MBST therapy specialist, with a wealth of knowledge and significant portfolio of patient case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of MBST therapy in eliminating pain and improving joint function, even in the most difficult of conditions. Eoin, formerly with Bath Rugby and now At The Core’s lead physiotherapist has worked with Phillip on a post MBST physiotherapy programme. The results have been life changing.

‘MBST therapy has fundamentally changed my life’

For Phillip, treatment has been as much about mind health as physical health.  In his 50s, with an active life that includes climbing, clay pigeon shooting, and skiing Phillip is nowhere near ready to give up the things that keep him feeling fit and healthy.  Exercise, especially in nature, is well-known to support positive mental health and Phillip believe that MBST therapy has given him his life back.

Improved grip strength and wrist mobility

The course of 9 MBST therapy sessions specifically targeted at both cartilage and bone repair has left him with a vastly extended range of motion and his grip strength immeasurably better than before. ‘Somedays the pain was so debilitating’ he explains, ‘and every-day tasks were becoming increasingly difficult.’ The things he most enjoyed were leaving him in huge discomfort and silly things like being unable to open jars were making him feel old beyond his years.

It has only been a couple of months since finishing his course of MBST therapy, and Phillip is part way through his rehabilitation programme. But any lingering wrist pain has gone. He no longer needs pain killers, is back to limbing and shooting and really looking forward to his imminent return to yoga.

 Without a doubt, At The Core have provided the non-surgical remedy that Phillip was seeking. He is now pain free and has a new lease of life.

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