How does MBST promote healing?

MBST therapy is a physiotherapy treatment modality designed to relieve long-term pain and improve mobility, especially in patients suffering from musculoskeletal issues such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis or intervertebral disc conditions.

It has also been effectively applied to sports injuries and post-surgery, where muscles, ligaments and tendons are damaged, or where a patient has cartilage damage or bone fractures. Damage to these tissues often results in inflammation, pain and limited functionality.  

MBST therapy accelerates tissue healing

MBST therapy promotes tissue healing by exciting cells at a molecular level, encouraging cell proliferation. Months might pass until a muscle, tendon or ligament is properly healed as cell metabolism in these damaged tissues can be slow.  MBST therapy can speed tissue healing by stimulating cells to trigger the body’s own repair process. By encouraging cell proliferation, healing time is reduced, and safe return to movement and exercise is facilitated.

 Ed Upson, professional footballer said of his MBST treatment for agrade 2b hamstring tear:

After an MRI scan,  I was advised was of a 5-6 week injury but after a course of MBST® therapy I was back out and running on the pitch after 1 week, back fully training and match ready after just 3. The treatment was non-invasive and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to speed up their recovery and get back to fitness as soon as possible.

MBST uses the principles of magnetic spin to positively influence cell proliferation

Hydrogen is the elementary component of most organic tissue.  A hydrogen nucleus has a single proton that rotates around its axis – this is known as nuclear spin. Nuclear spin creates an electro magnetic field similar to that of a tiny magnet. Hydrogen protons can therefore be positively influenced by stronger magnetic fields. MBST therapy uses the principle of magnetic spin resonance, transmitting energy to protons in tissue cells.The energy transfer results in increased normal cellular activity positively influencing tissue repair.

If you have a sports injury resulting in muscle, tendon or cartilage damage and want to discuss accelerating recovery, then get in touch and we can help you get back to what you enjoy, safely and quickly.



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