How can MBST™ help improve my overall health?

To start, it is useful to determine what is good health. Defined by the World Health Organisation as a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity, health is an important prerequisite for feeling good, being mobile and enjoying life.

Good health depends on many different factors, some that we can influence (diet, exercise, lifestyle choices) and others which we cannot (our genes for example). Here At The Core, we provide a health care service designed to address causes not just treat symptoms. Physical good health is about whole body health.  Regular exercise, good nutrition, clean water and sunshine are a few of the things that help us live long health, active lives.

Exercise for good health

Exercise is the well-known as the ‘gold standard’ by which we can prevent non-communicable diseases such as osteoarthritis, coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes. In fact ,the BBC recently reported that exercise is the best medicine for osteoarthritis. Exercise contributes to increased life expectancy and improved mental health and social wellbeing.

 A state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity
World Health Organisation

Pain caused by inflammatory conditions such as arthritis can cause us to refrain from exercise – not only because it is painful, but the condition puts limitations on movement.  With the right education, a tailored physiotherapy exercise programme (designed to strengthen muscles and support movement) and patient determination, joint and muscle health can be improved.  In turn, the freedom to move well helps patients get back to exercise, improve their mental health and generally feel much better.

MBST™ therapy is helping patients return to exercise

One of the physiotherapy modalities we have here At The Core is MBST™ therapy. A physiotherapy adjunct that can be introduced as part of a tailored physiotherapy programme to help get patients back to health. MBST™ has been seen to reduce pain and inflammation in patients, significantly in those with arthritic conditions. MBST™ therapy and a tailored physiotherapy exercise programme is helping our patients get back to good health, both physically and mentally.


 I was recommended At the Core and the MBST™ treatment by a leading knee surgeon as an alternative to surgery on a deteriorating knee which has been resistant to traditional physiotherapy. In a matter of days, the MBST™ treatment I received as part of the physiotherapy practice At The Core has significantly reduced the swelling and arthritic pain and increased joint flexibility. It's been transformational - I highly recommend the treatment and the whole team.  
Bruce, knee osteoarthritis


MedTec GmbH - the manufacturers of MBST™ technology - have dedicated a lot of time to making available the scientific results of MBST™ magnetic resonance therapy and these can be openly viewed on their website. Here they explain how MBST™ technology works in relation to osteoarthritis

We look forward to welcoming you to At The Core to help you on your journey back to physical and emotional wellbeing.


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