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"I don't know how it works it just works"

When I was told I could lie down for a few hours, listen to my audiobook, feel nothing, and my ever-sore elbows would become free of pain, I thought it was likely too good to be true. A career in rugby battered my poor joints, yet they now feel like new. I actually can’t believe it.

David Flatman
Former England Rugby Player

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“Miracle Remedy for Osteoarthritis"

"Miracle remedy for Osteoarthritis in my hands with Magnetic Resonance Therapy!! Two weeks ago I went to AT The Core in Bath which was highly recommended to me by a good friend as they have latest and up to date equipment specialising in Magnetic Resonance Therapy. The friend who had just had the same treatment for his hands and hips was very excited at the results. I was told that my condition was conventionally untreatable however, since having the treatment 3 weeks ago the inflammation and pain is 80% improved and I understand the treatment continues to work over the coming months....... I cannot recommend the treatment highly enough... people should be made aware of this ‘hidden secret’ it will be life changing for people with similar issues including knees, back and shoulder problems” .

Susan Davies, London. October 2020

“Julia and Adey looked after me beautifully"

Just finished my 9 mbst sessions for my hands, and am already feeling huge improvements in comfort and mobility. Julia and Adey looked after me beautifully, and the venue was easy to get to. Thrilled!

Gael Clutterbuck, Wiltshire.  September 2020

" I can’t recommend MBST treatment more highly"

After years of knee problems, multiple arthroscopies and a reduced quality of life my next step was a half knee replacement so MBST was my last chance to avoid surgery and WOW! Within 2 treatments the swelling had gone, pain almost evaporated and my walking had improved. Now, 6 weeks later I’m back playing golf, walking without a limp and completing more than 10,000 steps a day without horrendous pain but more importantly avoiding surgery. I can’t recommend MBST treatment more highly. Thanks At The Core

Ian Blackman, London. October 2020

An introduction to MBST
from our pain therapist

The MBST machine is a pioneering and pain-free form of therapy for musculoskeletal problems, without any side effects. It uses MRT (Magnetic Resonance Therapy) technology to communicate with damaged and degenerated cartilage, bone, ligament, tendon, and muscle cells and encourages them to repair and regrow.

Adey Saunderson
Head of Physiotherapy & Musculoskeletal Medicine

Frequently asked questions

What is MBST

MBST is a non invasive, game-changing treatment, specialising in reducing pain and swelling and improving mobility.

What can MBST treat?
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Muscle, Ligament and Tendon Damage & Pain
  • Sports and Accident Injuries
  • Bruised Bones
  • Cartilage Damage
  • Fractures
  • Nerve Damage after injury/surgery
How much does MBST cost?

MBST prices range from £900 - £1500 depending on the course of treatment required. The initial consultation is £70 but this is deducted from the final MBST price should you choose to go ahead with treatment.

What does the MBST treatment process involve?

The MBST system is composed of the MBST therapy devices and indication-specific MBST therapy cards. The therapy card is selected according to a medical diagnosis.

Patient-specific treatment data is stored on the MBST therapy card and then transferred to the control module. The card simply has to be inserted into the therapy device. The patient is asked to remove their shoes and is positioned comfortably in the treatment field, then the therapy session is started. Most patients bring a book, listen to music, or just take a nap during the hour of stress-free treatment.  

The MBST therapy device establishes magnetic resonance conditions with the tissue to be treated and initiates the targeted energy transmission using the MBST therapy sequence.  

The duration of the course depends on the diagnosis and the severity of the condition.  Each therapy session lasts for 60 minutes and a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 9 therapy sessions per treatment block are recommended.

Can I still have MBST treatment in a national lockdown?

Yes our facilities are completely safe with each patient being not coming into contact with anyone apart from our fully masked and sanitised staff.

What the experts say

"I’m delighted to see this exciting new technology made available in Bath through the good work of Paul and his team. MBST has already been shown to produce significant improvements in pain and activity in patients treated in centres throughout Europe. Used in conjunction with a rehabilitation programme it can get patients back to sport when surgery or medication has little to offer."

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"You can't put a price on pain free living"

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