What does the MBST treatment process involve?


MBST Therapy System 


Course of Therapy

The MBST system is composed of the MBST therapy devices and indication-specific MBST therapy cards. The therapy card is selected according to a medical diagnosis.

Patient-specific treatment data is stored on the MBST therapy card and then transferred to the control module. The card simply has to be inserted into the therapy device. The patient is positioned comfortably in the treatment field and the therapy session is started. Most patients bring a book, listen to music, or just take a nap during the hour of stress-free treatment.  


The MBST therapy device establishes magnetic resonance conditions with the tissue to be treated and initiates the targeted energy transmission using the MBST therapy sequence.  Each therapy session lasts for 60 minutes


MBST Therapy Duration

The duration of the course depends on the diagnosis and the severity of the condition. A minimum of 5 and a maximum of 9 therapy sessions per treatment block are recommended. 


Aftercare is a vital step in the journey to a successful recovery, so we make sure you receive full support from our Physiotherapist throughout the entire process. Upon completing your MBST treatment you will need to attend 2 post-therapy review sessions so that we can be fully satisfied that you’re on the right road to recovery. 


We recommend post-treatment assessments at 6 & 12 months, depending on the outcome.

What to Expect After MBST Treatment



The Basics:

In order to get the full and desired effect from your MBST treatment, it is vital that you keep drinking plenty of water on a daily basis. It is also important that you do NOT place any unnecessary strain on the treated area for 10 weeks after therapy, but do keep it as mobile as possible and follow any advice that we have given you, such as special stretches and exercises. Natural active movements at home and at work will help to gradually reduce stiffness, strengthen the muscles and give you back your confidence.


Please Follow Our Physiotherapy Instructions:

It is an important part of the healing process to strengthen the muscles around the joints and spinal areas, so please perform the exercises assigned to you.


Recovery Can Take up to 10 Weeks:

Please be patient with the healing process. MBST works at a cellular level and every person’s process is different. If your body responds slower than expected, don’t lose hope, you’re already well on your way. 


What if the Pain Comes Back?

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition, no treatment - including MBST therapy - can 100% guarantee full recovery.  While we do expect to excite the healing process there may be several reasons for future degeneration, such as lifestyle, genetics, past injury, diet, too little or not enough exercise. Fortunately, many of these factors are within your control, so to get the most out of your therapy you should strive for a healthy and active lifestyle.

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