Innovative Medical Technology

Developed by the German company MedTec, MBST magnetic resonance therapy is the result of scientifically proven knowledge and technological expertise with the power of medical innovation, created to address the degenerative effects of musculoskeletal disorders.


MBST Therapy Sequences


The therapeutic use of magnetic resonance technology is based on interdisciplinary research and development work. MedTec was supported in designing relevant tissue parameters by the Institute for Nuclear Physics at the University of Giessen and the Laboratory for Medical and Molecular Biology at the University of applied sciences in Aachen. The acquired data was used to develop therapeutically usable magnetic resonance sequences. Following a successful practical test phase, the .first MBST magnetic resonance therapy device came onto the market in 1998 and has been successfully utilised in medical practices, health centres, hospitals and clinics around the world.


MBST as an International Therapy Standard


Characterising technological progress, innovation and quality medical technology, MBST aims to establish magnetic resonance therapy as one of the conservative standard therapies used for treating the causes of degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system and bone metabolism disorders.

The efficacy and tolerability of MBST magnetic resonance technology in treating many diseases of the musculoskeletal system and any associated discomfort is confirmed by meaningful data from numerous studies and publications. Globally Recognised Approvals and Certificates MBST is patented, accredited and in compliance with the current 93/42/EEC Directive of the European Union.


MBST’s Effect on the Circadian Rhythm 


Chronobiologists identified the significance of the Circadian Rhythm * on health. Important biological processes, including cell regeneration are enhanced considerably when the rhythm runs smoothly. [This research won the Nobel prize for medicine in 2017] 

Throughout life, external factors can influence and destabilise the circadian rhythm which can in turn diminish our body’s ability to heal itself with cell regeneration.


However MBST technology has demonstrated an active influence on the inner clockwork of cells reprogramming the body to find the natural rhythm of its younger self. In a given joint or limb, it can create an environment conducive to natural healing.


In this way MBST is the only treatment that has been shown to directly stimulate the body’s regenerative processes at molecular level. 


 * The Circadian Rhythm - your body’s internal process that regulates sleep-wake cycles.

For further information on the science of MBST, click here.

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