Danielle Walker, 37 years

Sue Hoare,  60 years

"I’m a working mum with a 1 year old daughter, not being physically able to pick her up was an absolute nightmare, especially in the night. It was a very difficult time only compounded by the fact that we were in lockdown so extended family were unable to help. MBST was incredible - I was out of pain in a matter of days. I’ve got my life back - running and horse riding again!”

“Life was very tough before MBST as I had a broken femur which had not healed after 12 months. MBST prevented the need for further surgery.

MBST was transformative for me as I was dreading further surgery on my broken  leg. It would have caused further shortening of the leg and a limp for life. MBST completely healed the bone after a period of no healing for over a year. It has also improved my bone density as I had slight osteoporosis caused by chemotherapy. I am planning to go back for further treatment for my neuropathy. I cannot recommend MBST highly enough.“

Mary D S Justo, 54 years

"I’ve had knee pain for 30 years, had 5 arthroscopies and minor knee surgery. Diagnosed with juvenile arthritis at 25, I now have moderate arthritis  and  have and been told I need a total knee replacement, which I don’t want at 55yrs old. MBST has been well worth the journey - I have now had about 20 rounds of golf with hardly any pain and I am looking forward to hitting the slopes again in the winter! Well worth the money and service! Thank you."

“MBST transformed my work life and leisure activities.  I can do so much more since the treatment, including walking up to 10 miles.”

“My life was unbearable before MBST but I can now dress myself and play sport, which was impossible before

It doesn't work for everyone and it is not a magic bullet ! However, it worked for me and gave me my life back to a level that I can cycle 50 plus miles at a time. I can play golf and take a full swing where as before I would have dropped the club if I raised it above knee height!”

Steve Dickinson, 55 years

Nick Hastings, 64 years

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