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Located just off Bath’s artisan Walcot Street, At The Core is an innovative healthcare facility, combining physiotherapy and MBST® magnetic resonance therapy to reduce inflammation & pain and improve mobility.

At The Core, Bath

Established in 2020 by owners Adey Saunderson and Julia Tisdale, At The Core is a Physiotherapy and Wellbing clinic, specialising in arthritis, rehabilitation and exercise.

Our patients have access to the cutting edge MBST® technology, which uses magnetic waves to reduce the inflammation and pain caused by arthritis or injury.

When combined with physiotherapy, we aim to work with our patients to help reduce pain and increase strength and mobility.

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MBST® is a non invasive, game-changing treatment, specialising in reducing pain and swelling and improving mobility.
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asked questions

Where is At The Core?

At The Core is located just off the famous Walcot Street in Bath. Nestled behind the lovely coffee shops and restaurants, At The Core can be found in Beehive Yard.

What is the process?

Initially call or email us to see how we can help you. Depending on your situation, we will explain how we can help, whether that’s Magnetic Resonance Therapy for arthritis or injury, strength training and rehabilitation or using our Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill.

Where can I find out more about MBST®?

We have a section all about MBST® on this website, or you can visit Medtec here for more detail. Alternatively, give us a call on 01225 461205.

How much do your services cost?

We have a range of services from £10 (package price) for half an hour on the Alter-G Anti-Gravity treadmill, physiotherapy from £50 per 45minutes (package price) and £1100 - £1650 for MBST® packages. Get in touch and we’ll help you figure out what’s right for you!

Do I need a referral to start treatment?

You do not need a referral to start treatment, but knowledge is power and this can be helpful with regards to a specific diagnosis/stage of condition. If we are unable to confirm or diagnose your condition we will help you find the right route to establishing a diagnosis.

What about implants and MBST® therapy?

Active implants such as pacemakers, defibrillators (ICDs) and pain or insulin pumps require an individual assessment by a physician before suitability for MBST® therapy can be confirmed.  This is due to the similarity in magnetic resonance technology. MBST® therapy may be deemed possible if the active implant is regarded by a medical professional as suitable for MRI scans. Breast implants, contraceptive implants and prosthetics are regarded safe in connection with MBST® therapy, in the same way that they are compatible with an MRI scan.   We always advise that you consult a medical expert ahead of booking treatment. 

Why are there price differences between different MBST® clinics? 

At The Core clinics use the most up to date MBST® technology in delivering MBST® magnetic resonance therapy.  The Arthro Spin Flex and Arthro Spin Lift devices generate an optimal magnetic resonance field of very high treatment quality compared with lower generation devices.  Additionally, the Arthro range of MBST® devices are designed for use in nerve, post-surgical and would treatments. Please consider the advanced technology and high quality treatment that the Arthro range of MBST® therapy devices deliver when comparing treatment prices at other clinics. 

Julia Tisdale

Clinic Manager

Likely to be the first person you speak to when calling the clinic, Julia founded At The Core with her husband Paul and business partner Adey in 2020. While not medically trained, she is from a family of medics and is well supported by the practice clinicians. A people person, Julia takes great pride in exemplary customer service and  looks after patients from initial contact through to  aftercare. Julia loves working with the patients, and  seeing the positive impact that MBST, rehab and nutrition can have on their lives.

Kate Rehill Meads, BSc, MSc

Clinic Manager & Sports Therapist

Kate has vast experience as a Sports Therapist in assessing, treating, and creating rehabilitation programmes.  Kate’s career in sport began working with Cambridge City FC for 2 years, followed by 4  years with Arsenal Ladies FC as the Head Sports Therapist. Kate wanted a new challenge and transitioned to Rugby Union for 8 years, working for Gloucester Rugby, Bristol Bears and London Wasps.  During her time working in Rugby Union, she also had the opportunity to work with international teams, offering soft tissue massage, working with England, Ireland, and Australia. Kate’s mission as  a therapist is to help people return to mobility through bespoke rehabilitation programmes designed to help each patient meet their individual goals.

Eoin Cremen, BSc, MSc, CSP, HCPC

Lead Physiotherapist

In October 2022, Eoin joined the team from Bath Rugby Club, where he spent 5 years working within the medical team supporting the first team  players, after having spent the previous 2 years as Head of Academy Physiotherapy. A Chartered Physiotherapist,  Eoin graduated from Loughborough University with an MSc in Sports Biomechanics and the University of  Dublin with a MSc in Physiotherapy. With over 10 years of practice in elite sport, and being a keen triathlete  himself, he is well-placed to work with patients on both diagnosing and treating sporting injuries.  Eoin works part time at the clinic, balancing  professional practice with a funded PhD at the University of Bath.

James Scrimshaw


A chiropractor for 27 years, James leads two successful  practices in Bristol and runs a clinic at The Core, Bath on Wednesdays. He became an MBST® partner five years ago when he discovered the potential to help his patients find relief from pain and heal more quickly using technologies such as MBST®. James specialises in managing chronic pain and arthritic cases with an emphasis on accurate diagnostics and finding the best solution. At The Core, he works with patients to assess the cause of their condition before confirming their suitability for MBST® therapy.

Adey Saunderson

Head Physiotherapist

Adey, a highly regarded  physiotherapist, partnered  with Paul and Julia in 2000 to launch At The Core in Bath. He went on to share his time across both the Bath and London clinics to help establish both as innovative and progressive physiotherapy and wellbeing clinics with pain-relief and mobility at their heart. Prior to co-founding At The Core, Adey worked in Championship and Premiership Rugby  and the English Football League. He now combines his role as consultant physiotherapist At The Core with his practice in the military, where he plays an active role in supporting the physical health and rehabilitation of military personnel.

Richard Evans, BSc, CSP, HCPC  


Joining the team in August 2022, Richard practices between the Primrose Hill and Bath clinics.  His passion for unconventional  environments has seen him work with patients from diverse backgrounds, spanning elite sport, private healthcare, and the NHS across 3 continents. Always placing the holistic development of patients at the centre of his practice, Richard is aware of the physical demands placed upon individuals in their day to-day pursuits and passions and that pain can have a negative impact on activity. Having worked with MBST therapy since 2008 in Spain, its use as a physiotherapy adjunct is what attracted him to join the team At The Core, in particular, its ability to reduce inflammation and eliminate pain so that patients can get back to exercising pain-free.

Richard Turner, BSc

Soft Tissue Therapist & PT

Richard has been practicing At The Core since July  2022, and shares his time between private practice and leading the Sports Massage Programme at The University of Bath. A graduate of the  University of Gloucestershire, Richard has been a personal trainer for over 15 years. Continuing his education  at the University of Bath, he has practised as a  Sports Massage Therapist for 12 years. Richard offers comprehensive treatment plans that include  postural assessment, massage and exercise. Designed to treat both the symptoms of muscular  imbalance and correct the cause of the problem,  Richard works with patients both post injury and  suffering from chronic pain, working collaboratively  towards pain-free movement.

Alice White, BSc MSc


Nutrition consultant, Alice joined the team in October.  With a BSc in Nutrition, during her internship at the Surrey Human Performance Institute she focused on health and fitness testing in both  amateurs and elite athletes.  During her postgraduate study at Oxford Brookes, she balanced study with training as an elite rower. Following her  postgraduate degree in Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition, she went on to work at Harlequins Rugby Club as a Performance Nutritionist before relocating to Bath. With a specific interest in how  nutrition can improve recovery, her focus At The Core is on helping patients combat inflammation associated with health conditions that can affect mobility. Alice looks forward to helping patients  lead an active life through diet and nutrition.

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Unit 3, The Foundry
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Bath, BA1 5BT

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We have another home in London

Following the immediate success of At The Core, Bath, we have opened a second clinic in London. Situated in fashionable Primrose Hill, just north of Regents Park, At The Core has now made magnetic resonance therapy available to north west London.

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